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Despite its nonattendance at the NAMM 2020 in California, Behringer has made no shortcomings to remain relevant in the synth world. The company has taken to YouTube to unveil its version of one of the best analog synthesizers of all time, the ARP 2600.

Behringer’s 2600 eliminates the speakers, suitcase, and keyboard of the original ARP model and is created as a rack synth. This comes shortly after Korg announced its ARP 2600 clone, which is no longer available because of a sell-out with a £3400 price tag.

Behringer’s take on the unit will likely undercut Korg’s rerelease. Word has it that Korg may be considering to extend the 2600’s production run. However, the news of Behringer doing the same can be a blow for the Japanese manufacturer.

Behringer’s version of the ARP classic looks like a rack-mounted machine. According to Synth guru Rob Keeble, the goal was to build a faithful reproduction of the original while also crafting something conveniently tunable and “clear and precise.”

The Behringer 2600 sports dimmable colored LEDs. It also features the 4012 ladder filter from the original synth and the 4072 filter available in later revisions as well as ARP’s Odyssey synth.

Per Behringer, the completed variant is expected to be ready in time for Superbooth with price TBC.

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