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The Sky FI Delay and Reverb Pedal gives you full tonal control over amazingly ambient helpings of delay and reverb. Aside from its tone-sculpting Reverb, Delay, Mix, and Repeat knobs, he Sky FI also has a Hold function that lets you control its Wash, Gleam, and Echo modes by keeping the footswitch held down. In Wash and Gleam modes, holding down the footswitch enables you to crank up the Reverb time and mix to infinity. Doing the same while in Echo mode pushes the pedal’s Delay feedback to the max.

Brand: Alexander Pedals


  • Wash – Combines an 800ms delay with our slow-building reverb engine. Holding the footswitch initiates reverb sustain.
  • Gleam – Adds an upper octave partial to the reverb effect, holding the footswitch swells in a pronounced shimmer. Maximum delay time in this mode is approximately 640ms.
  • Echo – Slow-build reverb plus delay, holding the footswitch reduces the reverb slightly and forces the delay into oscillation. Warning – extremely loud oscillation and / or total collapse of your signal may occur!
  • HOLD Function: The Sky Fi has a unique feature – the bypass footswitch integrates with the reverb and delay engines. Hold the footswitch to shift the reverb or delay engine into a feedback mode. In Wash and Gleam modes, the Hold function increases the Reverb time and mix to an infinite setting. In Echo mode, the Hold function increases the Delay feedback to maximum levels.
  • Bypass Switching: The Sky Fi features a buffered bypass with “trails,” so that the reverb and delay will continue to repeat when the pedal is bypassed. The Sky Fi features an analog dry signal path. If the Sky Fi is set to Infinite mode, you can engage the pedal and the Hold function by holding the footswitch even while in bypass. Release the footswitch to return to bypass mode.

Details: The Sky Fi Delay/Reverb from Alexander Pedals will drench your tone in a ambient wash of shimmery goodness. Building a great delay pedal was foremost in our minds when we designed the Sky Fi. Development began with a crystal-clear digital delay engine combined with a tone filter to allow tailoring of the response to your liking. We then added a reverb engine that draws inspiration from certain digital rack units of the ’80s and ’90s. These units were designed to be as affordable as possible, and had some unique hardware quirks that caused their reverb effects to build in intensity over time. This “slow-building” artifact is one of the things that made these units so special. We’ve done our best to capture some of the magic of these units with the Sky Fi, while also incorporating some tricks of our own like the ability to freeze or oscillate by holding the bypass switch. Reverb – Adjusts the mix and decay of the reverb engine. Turn this knob while holding the bypass footswitch to change the delay signal mix. The Sky Fi remembers your delay mix setting when powered off. Delay – Controls the delay time for the delay engine. Mix – Controls the blend between fully dry (clean) and fully wet (reverb + delay only) sound. 12 o’clock is an equal mix of clean and reverb + delay. Repeat – Controls the feedback and repeats of the delay engine. Rotate counter-clockwise for dark, filtered repeats. Rotate clockwise for bright repeats.

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    Exceptional pedal. Sounds fantastic for various applications. I’m a fan of its delay-reverb combination.