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Chase Bliss Debuts the “Half-Effect, Half-Instrument” Habit

Minneapolis pedal company Chase Bliss Audio has unleashed an adventurous delay-based unit called the Habit. Advertised as a “freeform sampler and musical sketchpad,” the Habit yields traditional delays with the

KMA Machines Downsizes Its Wurhm Distortion to Wurm 2

KMA Machines has announced a revamped and slimmed down version of its Wurhm distortion pedal—the Wurm 2. When the Wurhm first came to the music realm in 2020, it was

Boss Unleashes the RE-2 and RE-202 Space Echo Pedals

Boss has lifted the veil on two new digital stompboxes spec’d from its legendary RE-201 Space Echo—the RE-2 and RE-202. Stripping the RE-201 sound down to its core essentials, the

Line 6 Revamps Its Iconic DL4 Delay to MkII

Line 6 has updated its cult-favorite DL4 Delay Modeler to MkII, hauling the 1999-dated original into the present-day era by some tonal tweaks and pretty aesthetic. Under the hood, the new-and-improved

Kirk Hammett Announces Second Signature Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

Metallica electric guitar star Kirk Hammett has taken to Instagram to announce that his second signature Dunlop Cry Baby Wah is in the works. Dressed in a striking purple colorway

Mattoverse Debuts the Solar-Powered Solar Sound Overdrive

Wisconsin stompbox manufacturer Mattoverse Electronics has introduced the Solar Sound, an overdrive pedal reactive to the amount of light it gets. Described as both “beautiful and uniquely impractical,” the Solar