Greer Amps Supa Cobra

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Greer Amps

Greer Amps’ Supa Cobra lets you enjoy supreme flexibility within a compact form factor, with natural, amp-esque breakup and sensitivity. The three-way toggle (FAT, LED, and Open) enables versatility in the clipping style and texture. When in LED mode, the clipping is stiffer with more crunch, while in the FAT mode, the circuit clips in a thick, chewy fashion. Positioning the clip switch in the center showcases the opamp’s natural drive. The Supa Cobra also features a Body knob that increases low-end content while pushing gain.

Brand: Greer Amps

Color: Black


  • Chewy medium gain overdrive to awesome crunchy grind!
  • 3 way clipping switch–FAT, LED, and Open modes!
  • Body control expands low end content while pushing gain!
  • True Bypass!
  • Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!

Details: The Greer Amps Supa Cobra is a versatile and touch sensitive overdrive. The Supa Cobra offers the user incredible flexibility in a small form factor, with natural, amp like breakup and sensitivity. The 3 position toggle allows for flexibility in the clipping style and texture. When in FAT mode, the circuit clips in a fat, chewy way. When in LED mode, the clipping becomes stiffer (think of that famous British amp sound that starts with an M that is known for some crunchy textures), with more crunch–this setting is most noticeable at higher gain settings. When the clip switch is in the center position, the natural drive of the opamp is on display. The body control is a unique control to the Supa Cobra. When set low, the pedal remains cleaner, with less boom on the low notes. When the body control is increased, both gain and low-end presence are increased.

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  1. Salva

    Fits absolutely well with other Greer Amps overdrives. Lightspeed is my all-time favorite OD, and Supa Cobra takes it to the next gain stage.