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JHS Pedals

The Little Black Buffer by JHS Pedals is the remedy for poor guitar sound resulting from employing numerous pedals. Since it gives the perfect input impedance for your rig, you can quickly notice your guitar sound is reinvigorated with a full, natural tone that sounds like you are connected directly into your amp—regardless of how many pedals you utilize. The Little Black Buffer is your ticket to a sound signal chain and a small price to pay for tonal perfection.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: Black


  • Restores the high-end detail, output level, and tonal character that involved pedal chains and long cable runs steal away
  • Mount it on the underside of your pedalboard to use as a low profile always-on
  • Converts your guitar’s hi-Z signal to lo-Z for driving long cables and pedal chains
  • Retains the original tone of your guitar without tone loss from other gear in your signal chain
  • Designed to be compact, sturdy, and simple to integrate into your rig
  • Black powder coating keeps the buffer hidden in the background

Publisher: JHS

Details: Though it’s a fairly nondescript-looking piece of gear, our Little Black Buffer may be the most powerful tone-shaping tool that you put on your pedalboard. By adding it to your signal path, you’ll restore all the high-end detail, output level, and tonal character that involved pedal chains and long cable runs steal away. And because the Little Black Buffer is an on-all-the-time sort of thing, you can save precious real estate by mounting it on the underside of your pedalboard. Give the Little Black Buffer a try. You’ll wonder how you went so long without one.

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  1. Gold

    Outside of the basic functionality, the Little Black Buffer has a solid construction, as you’d expect from any JHS chassis. It looks and feels premium. Getting a nice tone while staying relatively quiet is hard when playing with a tube amp, but this unit helped tame my volume.


  2. Elias

    First time using a buffer, and wow! This Little Black Buffer made a significant difference in my tone. Well worth the additional cost.