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As its name suggests, the VT-1 Vibratrem guitar effects pedal from tone masters Marshall is a two-fer, packing selectable vibrato and tremolo effects in one sturdy and compact stompbox. Dedicated speed and depth controls let you flow smoothly from a gentle pitch variation to an aggressive tremolo effect. You also get a shape knob for further tweaking, letting you switch between a smoother triangle and a sharper square waveform. Slap a 9V battery into the VT-1 Vibratrem, hit that footswitch, and sail off on a wave of classic vibrato and tremolo sounds.

Brand: Marshall


  • Mode switch to select Vibrato or Tremolo
  • Speed Control
  • Depth Control
  • Triangle to square Wave Shape control
  • Second output for stereo spread

Details: Vibrato/Tremolo Pedal. Made by Marshall.

Take a step back in time to the British amps of the early sixties thanks to the Vibratrem’s authentic vintage effects!

From groovy, trembling tremolos to psychedelic quasi-vibratos, the VT-1 is as authentically retro as you can get. And, its passive bypass ensures that your all-important guitar tone remains unaffected when you are not taking a vibratrem trip.

Features include:
– Mode switch – Vibrato or Tremolo
– Speed control
– Depth control
– Wave shape control- triangle through to square
– Solid metal construction
– Cold forged name badge
– Passive Bypass

EAN: 5030463087565

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  1. Red

    Marshall Vibratem is an excellent option for those who prefer the simplicity of real pedals. It’s ridiculously cheap, solidly built like a tank, and sits well on my pedalboard. I’m not even surprised. I mean, it’s Marshall.