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Voodoo Labs

The Giggity from Voodoo Lab is not your dime-a-dozen boost or overdrive pedal. Boasting unique Air and Body tone sculpting circuits, it can help you in fine-tuning your entire sonic footprint. Positioned before a clean amp and after your pedalboard, you may add some grind and beef up the bottom by adding Body. Put first in your signal chain, you may add Air to unleash the detail and high-end shimmer in your guitar’s pickups. You can dial in your ideal tone using the four-way sun to moon preamp voicing selector.

Brand: Voodoo Lab

Color: Black


  • Four Unique Preamp/Gain Voicings
  • Body & Air Fine-Tuning Circuits
  • True Bypass via High Reliability Gold-Contact Relay
  • Plexi Top Panel
  • Hand built in the U.S.A.

Details: Giggity isn’t just an overdrive or boost pedal. With its unique Body and Air tone shaping circuits, Giggity can help you fine-tune your overall sonic footprint. Placed after your pedalboard and before a clean amp, you can add a little grind, and thicken up the bottom by adding Body. Placed first in the signal chain, you can add Air to bring out the high-end shimmer and detail in your guitar’s pickups. Also features a 4-position “Sun” to “Moon” preamp voicing selector to help you dial in the perfect tone. Each pedal is hand built in the USA using high-grade precision parts, and features true bypass switching via a high reliability gold-contact relay.

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  1. Antoine

    Makes everything sound better


  2. Gemini

    Offers a ton of tonal possibilities. Perfect if you want to spice up your DI signal or inject some extra feel before hitting a distortion.