Alexander Pedals F.13 Neo

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The Alexander Pedals F.13 Neo Flanger sounds like the outcome of hostile aliens trying rock ‘n’ roll. It is perfect if you want to implement bizarre flanger sounds into your sonic palette. It is a flexible effect featuring the usual MIX, DEPTH, and RATE controls along with a “REGEN” knob controlling your wet signal feedback. Three switchable modes (Dynamic, Step, and Sweep) mean you can be as full-on or subtle with your flanging as the music requires.

Brand: Alexander Pedals


  • Controls: Rate, Depth, Mix, Regen, (ALT 1), (ALT 2), (LEVEL)
  • Power Source: 9VDC
  • True Bypass: Buffered Bypass
  • Unique Features: 8 LFO patterns, Volume-set delay time, 32-bit microcontroller, 16 loadable presets via Midi-controlled expression input
  • Inputs: 1 1/4″, 1 1/4″ (expression/footswitch/midi input) / Outputs: 1 1/4″

Details: Bizarre and bold, the Alexander F.13 Neo Flanger represents a fusion of “alien mojo” and military tech(?). …All we know is that it sounds good. Inspired by “space junk stolen from Area 51 and put into the service of rock ‘n’ roll,” the F.13 Neo Flanger really is a space-age, feature-packed pedal that functions in far more capacities than just a flanger. Plug it in and crank up the rate and depth to give rock its roll, or kick on some of the “Neo” features and kick the new Echo Flanger effect, one of the 8 LFO patterns, or use your midi controller to access and load up to 16 presets. This is an Unruly Flanging Object. Proceed with caution, Soldier.

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  1. Max

    Not your ordinary flanger. It’s super cool and unique and has plenty of excellent-quality sounds you won’t find elsewhere.