Big Joe B-306 Analog Flange

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Big Joe

The Big Joe B-306 Analog Flange guitar effects pedal successfully packs all the screeching and swooshing flanger tones you’ll ever need into a small and sturdy three-knob stompbox. Set the flange effect’s rate with the Speed knob, control the intensity with the Depth knob, and adjust how much of your signal gets fed back into itself to control how pronounced the flange effect is with the Regen knob. Whether you want a super subtle flange or balls-to-the-wall psychedelic effects, the Big Joe B-306 Analog Flange has what you need.

Brand: Big Joe Stomp Box Company

Details: Big Joe Stomp Box Company B-306 Analog Flange Simple to use, psychedelic sounding, true bypass, classic analog bucket brigade (BBD) circuit that simulates a “hands-on”, tape dragging modulation effect. Speed, Depth and Regeneration controls will let you add depth to the sound of any electric guitar or electronic keyboard and give you that slow sweeping, jet plane fly over, swooshing effect made famous by Van Halen and others.

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  1. Nash

    Awesome old-school flanger. Very low noise and superb build quality. The size is also perfect. You can easily squeeze it into your pedalboard setup.