Amptweaker TightDrive

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The TightDrive comes with various unique features, including the Tight control. It tweaks your amp’s attack, and when you combine it with the Volume, Gain, and Tone controls, loads of distortion sounds are possible. It can also dial in different amounts of crunch. Whether you are utilizing it to beat up your heavy amp or with a clean amp, the TightDrive pedal can do the job. It can tighten the attack and lower the gain to turn heavy lead tone into a chunky rhythm sound seamlessly.

Brand: Amptweaker


  • True Bypass switch
  • Tight Attack Control
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Warranty not valid outside of United States
  • Item rated at US standard voltage. May not be suitable for prospective countries.

Details: The TightDriveTM overdrive pedal is the first Amptweaker product, a gain pedal that features the TIGHT control. This tweaks the amp’s attack, and when combined with the Gain, Tone, and Volume controls, a lot of different distortion sounds are possible. It has the ability to dial in varying amounts of crunch, from barely clean singing blues tones, to crunchy rhythm sounds, all the way up to seriously overdriving your tube amp for tight chunky lead solos. Whether you’re using it with a clean amp or to beat up your heavy amp, this pedal has the range to handle the job….it can even reduce the gain and tighten the attack to easily convert your heavy lead tone to a chunky rhythm sound. The biggest number of Product Idea submissions received were from people looking for overdrive and/or boost pedals that could provide tight low end. This led to the Tight Control, which allows you to adjust the amp’s attack, varying it from smooth and singing to chunky and aggressive attack. The Tone, Gain and Volume controls work pretty much like most other overdrive pedals.

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  1. Letty

    Monstrous overdrive. This stompbox has an excellent build quality. It’s highly tweakable and sounds fantastic.