Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb

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The Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb is a regular reverb effect pedal that adds depth and color to your guitar’s tone. You may choose three kinds of reverb sounds and set them based on your songs and preferences. The MIX knob allows you to adjust the balance between wet and dry sounds, while the TIME control lets you select the reverb reverberation extension time. You can also use the central toggle switch to change the reverb’s tone.

Brand: Animals Pedal


  • Mix: Adjusts the amount of effect on the original signal
  • Time: Adjusts the extension time of the reverberation
  • Toggle: Select Spring; Room; Hall effect

Details: Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb is a standard reverb effect pedal that adds color and depth to the tone of the guitar.
You can select three types of reverb sounds and set them according to your preferences and songs.+ MIX Adjust the balance between dry (original sound) and wet (effect sound) with the MIX knob. Turning this knob clockwise will make the wet stronger and it will sound like in the bathroom. When set to maximum, the sound spreads from a small attack at a stretch and you can make a beautiful sound like strings. TIME Use the TIME knob to set the reverb reverberation extension time. If it is set short, it will be a light reverberation in a small space, if it is set long, the cathedral and the fantastic reverberation like a vast space like outer space will echo.
With the central toggle switch, you can switch the tone of the reverb. SPRING to recreate the spring reverb mounted in a large amplifier which was also widely used in rich HALL, classic surf music, etc. like the sound of a big hall, in order from the top of the switch position, a small house such as a live house and a studio You can choose the ROOM that imagines the reverberation in the space of.
Reverb is an effect that simulates the reflection of complicated sound so that the sound echoes in the real space by applying a randomly set delay to the guitar sound. Generally speaking, “echo” with a guitar effect is a delay effect, but “echo” such as karaoke is a reverb effect.
It was an effect aimed at creating a spatial spread of sound, and in the old days we used a room prepared just for the reverberation reverb room to create a spread of sound.
Then, in order to make the spread of sound with a compact size, a plate reverb using a thin metal plate of 1 m × 2 m is developed. It was equipped in a studio all over the world.
Although the genuine space is compact if

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  1. Hollis

    All three reverb modes sound fantastic


  2. Harry

    Great reverb pedal to have. It’s a cinch to operate and comes with Hall, Spring, Room settings, all of which are valuable.