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Carl Martin

The Carl Martin Headroom is the easiest to operate reverb pedal featuring some extras. This entirely analog “real spring” reverb boasts two similar channels, each with level and tone controls to determine the tone and depth of your reverb. Get a soft, small room reverb on Channel A and a dark, more dramatic large room reverb on Channel B or vise versa. The Headroom also features cool vintage chicken-head knobs, solid metal casing, double mounted springs to reduce stage feedback, input/output jacks, and remote jacks for Bypass and Channel Select.

Brand: Carl Martin


  • Two channels of completely tweak able, “real spring” reverb
  • Tone and Level controls with Remote jacks for Bypass and Channel Select
  • Solid metal casing with lock-down mechanism
  • Vintage style chicken head knobs
  • Double mounted springs to minimize stage feedback

Release Date: 01-01-2014

Details: The Carl Martin Headroom is the most simple to operate reverb pedal on the market with a couple extras. This purely analog ‘real spring’ reverb has two identical channels, each with tone and level controls to select the depth and tone of your reverb. This allows you to have a soft, small room reverb on Channel A and a much more dramatic and dark large-room reverb on Channel B (or vise versa) The two foot-controlled switches control which channel you are in, and whether you wish to bypass the effect completely. It is like having two separate reverbs in your amp! Additional features on the Carl Martin Headroom include solid metal casing, cool vintage chicken head knobs, double mounted springs to minimize stage feedback, and remote jacks for Bypass and Channel Select (which allows you to place the effect in your rack or in the back of your amp to save real-estate on your pedal-board), as well as your input and output jacks. Of course you also get that famous Carl Martin quality that you have come to expect at no extra charge. The Carl Martin Headroom runs on 9V DC, and as always, it’s recommended you use a regulated power supply for optimum performance.

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  1. Riley

    Sounds awesome and very Princeton Reverb-ish, but the construction is horrible. Mine stopped working after only a couple of months.