Blackstar HT-METAL

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The Blackstar HT-METAL distortion pedal lets you plug into untamed, high-gain metal tones. If you want molten-hot tones that maintain definition and dynamics, the HT-Metal’s high 300-volt operation and cascaded valve gain stages will surely satisfy your metal cravings. Two channels allow you to select the ideal pair of distortion settings, and Blackstar’s patented infinite shape feature (ISF) and three-band EQ enable powerful tone shaping. The speaker-emulated output allows you to connect the HT-Metal directly to a recording device or sound system for a seamless way to achieve a good sound.

Brand: Blackstar


  • Genuine valve design, operates at 300V HT
  • Cascaded valve gain stages, extreme Gain and Tone
  • Responds like a valve amp, 2 channel operation
  • Clean, Overdrive & Super High Gain Lead mode, speaker emulated output
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), power supply included

Details: Plug into untamed, high-gain metal tones with the Blackstar HT-Metal distortion pedal! If you demand molten-hot tones that still have dynamics and definition, the HT-Metal’s cascaded tube gain stages and high 300-volt operation will satisfy your metal cravings. Two channels let you set up the perfect pair of distortion settings, and Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature and 3-band EQ provide powerful tone shaping. And thanks to the speaker-emulated output, you can connect the HT-Metal directly to a sound system or recording device for an ultra-convenient way to get great sound. If you want the sound and feel of a cranked tube amp in a pedalboard-friendly format, look to the Blackstar HT-Metal distortion pedal.

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  1. Archie

    Phenomenal range and tone. You can coax everything from subtle tube break-up to pure fury. It’s perfect if you’re in the market for an authentic, lush, solid distortion/overdrive with all the gain you could ever want.