Blackstar LT Dist

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The Blackstar LT Dist pedal lets you add some high-gain distortion to your rig. This compact, pedalboard-friendly distortion pedal gives you everything from crystal clean to boost to loud lead tones. It boasts Blackstar’s famous Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) tone-shaping circuit, providing you infinite adjustment over the tone control’s characteristics. The Blackstar LT Dist provides American and British distortion flavors and anything in between. Its control panel consists of ISF, TONE, LEVEL, and GAIN.

Brand: Blackstar


  • Distortion Pedal with Infinite Shape Feature
  • Gain Control
  • Tone Control

Details: Add a dose of high-gain distortion to your rig with the Blackstar LT DIST pedal. The LT DIST’s patent-applied-for clipping circuit gives you all the tube-like tone and response you could ask for. The LT DIST delivers everything from clean to boost to screaming lead tones. You even get Blackstar’s famous ISF tone-shaping circuit. ISF lets you alter the character between a British voicing and an American voicing. Get the high-gain help you need with the Blackstar LT DIST distortion pedal.

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