Carl Martin Echotone

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Carl Martin

As with other Carl Martin products, the EchoTone is built with gigging musicians in mind. It boasts foot-switchable Manual or Tap time settings, up to 1200 milliseconds of vintage echo, and switchable trail function at bypass. It lets you play with your desired slap-back echo on rhythm to the Tap set echo for a superb lead or solo. Couple that with coloring your echo by adding a flange, chorus, or distortion pedal to the insert loop, and you get what Carl Martin’s test players refer to as “the best echo they have ever heard.”

Brand: Carl Martin


  • Low-profile housing
  • Coated in a new stunning off-white color
  • Built-in 12v (+-) regulated power supply

Publisher: Big Deal Enterprises

Release Date: 01-12-2008

Details: The Carl Martin Echotone! 1200 milliseconds of vintage echo, foot-switchable Tap or Manual time settings, insert loop and switchable trail function at bypass. Imagine switching from a Manual time setting to a Tap time setting right at your feet, so you can play with your favourite slap-back echo on rhythm to a Tap (tempo) set echo for that massive lead or solo! Combine this with flavouring your echo by installing a chorus, flange or even distortion pedal in the insert loop, and the switchable trail function at bypass, and you have what our test players are calling ‘the best echo they have ever heard’! As with all the Danish built Carl Martin effects, the Echotone comes in our low-profile housing, coated in our new stunning off-white colour, with the built-in 12v (+-) regulated power supply.

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  1. Prince

    A bit on the expensive side, but it’s well worth it. In terms of features, it’s very simplistic. You can easily coax some incredible sounds out of it. All in all, it’s the best delay pedal I’ve ever heard.


  2. Argel

    Decent performance. You can find many other units that do a better job at a fraction of the cost.