Carl Martin Red Repeat

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Carl Martin

Carl Martin’s Red Repeat with Tap Tempo will take your guitar signal and redo it after a certain period. The most straightforward description comes from the Space Echoes and Echoplexes of yesteryears. The Red Repeat consists of Tone, Time, Repeat, and Echo knobs. At the request of players, Carl Martin added a Tap Tempo function that enables you to tap in the tempo you want to use with your playing. The Red Repeat can be utilized to beef up your sound, as a reverb alternative, to add an extremely percussive flavor to your playing.

Brand: Carl Martin


  • Tap tempo
  • Time and tone control
  • 0 to 600 milliseconds

Details: The red repeat with tap tempo is designed to take your guitar signal and repeat it after a given amount of time. The simplest Description comes from the echoplex and space echoes of years ago.

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