Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb

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The Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb is your ultimate surf rock reverb pedal. Look at it as a somewhat “pre-reverb” type pedal, placing only fuzz boxes in front enabling crash, splash, and drench everything downstream. Catalinbread captures all the original sounds of those iconic ’60s Tolex-covered outboard tanks—the drippy splash, the cluck and clang, the flutter—within a sweet-looking pedal consists of traditional Dwell, Mix, and Tone controls plus a Volume knob that allows you to adjust the discrete preamp for a cleaner boost when you want it.

Brand: Catalinbread


  • A reverb pedal that functions just like a real deal outboard spring reverb unit
  • The DWELL knob controls how much signal is going into and driving reverb springs.
  • The TONE knob allows you to roll off just the right amount of high end from only your wet signal. Roll this knob back if you want the reverb to appear to more distant and out of the way of your dry sound
  • MIX knob extends beyond the original reverb tank units because they wanted you to be able to make the Topanga 100 percent wet.

Release Date: 17-02-2016

Details: Big wet and splashy. 60’s outboard spring reverb tank. Being an old school effect, tank reverb units were invented before effects loops etc. Had the Topanga been invented before the spring tank units, players would have put the pedal in front of their amplifiers and as close to the front of their pedal boards. You should look at your Topanga as a sort of ‘pre-reverb’ type pedal, putting only fuzz boxes in front of it allowing splash, crash, and drench everything downstream.

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  1. Emmie

    Does an excellent job producing a spring reverb-style sound.