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Creation Audio Labs

The Holy Fire Overdrive Distortion Boost pedal from Creation Audio Labs is all about righteous smiting. Featuring highly transparent gain, a smooth and dynamic overdrive tone, and mighty meaty distortion, the Holy Fire is a tube amp in a box that doesn’t muddy up your sound or add unwanted noise to the mix. It’s also highly responsive to your unique picking dynamics. The Holy Fire is so powerful a typical 9V connector won’t be enough to power it; it comes with its own 48V DC power supply.

Brand: Creation Audio Labs


  • Overdrive – Saturated tube-like wave-shaping.
  • Distortion – Heavy, hard-edged, full frequency and plenty of sustain.
  • Hi-cut – Tone shaping tool.
  • Master Gain – From off to +12dB of clean boost.
  • Unique LED interaction indicates the transition to wave shaping.

Details: The same great sounding distortion overdrive tone as our classic Holy Fire 48V pedal, now in a 9V version, which internally steps up the voltage for 48V like headroom. Transparent GAIN, dynamic smooth OVERDRIVE, thick rich DISTORTION The Holy Fire 9 is groundbreaking. This ultra-wide bandwidth pedal responds exactly like a tube without changing your tone. And it’s unbelievably quiet. Typical distortion pedals use a ton of gain and clipping. This creates a lot of unwanted noise which needs to be heavily filtered and that thins out the tone. The Holy Fire introduces the world to analog wave-shaping technology to re-shape the waveform and achieve tube-like FX without adding noise or heavy filters. The pristine analog process preserves all of your original tone. This makes the Holy Fire overdrive distortion a very musical pedal that responds to your touch. Play with a softer attack and velocity for a cleaner sound, or dig in to get as much grit as you want. You control the effect with your playing dynamics and the volume of your instrument. Great for guitar or bass! Like a tube preamp in a pedal, but without the bulky, fragile and expensive tubes and transformers. Requires 9VDC 250mA minimum power supply sold separately. Small footprint 3.1″ x 4.25″.

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  1. Rome

    Holy Fire 9 is very useful in various studio or stage situations. It’s also clean and quiet.