Diamond J-Drive

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The J-Drive by Diamond gives you two independently switchable pedals. You can operate both at once for a higher gain tone evocative of the Drive + Lead setting of the stock Diamond Drive. Boasting a discrete JEFT-based clean boost stomp section consists of a Bright switch for a finely-tuned tonal palette, Gain control, and Burr-Brown OP2134 opamp for a very creamy overdrive, the J-Drive represents years of study for one of the most excellent dual pedals in the market. Despite its compact design, J-Drive sports the effect capabilities of a pedal double its size.

Brand: Diamond

Publisher: Diamond Guitar Pedals

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Diamond Pedals J-Drive Overdrive The J-Drive is two independently switchable pedals in one: a simple clean boost circuit along with the core Diamond Drive circuit. Both can operated at the same time for a higher gain tone reminiscent of the Lead + Drive setup of the stock Diamond Drive. Diamond Pedals J-Drive Overdrive Features: discrete JFET input discrete BJT gain and class A output buffer transistors simple single knob gain control core Diamond Drive circuit with Warmth tone control increased gain range over stock Diamond Drive

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