DOD Gonkulator

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The DOD Gonkulator packs two effects into a single chassis consists of Ring, Frequency, Output, Distortion, and Gain knobs. It is capable of the clangy, robotic sounds of the ’90s original plus the ability to cover distorted experimental ground. The Gonkulator pushes boundaries and makes statements with boundless modulating effects. Other features include an adjustable carrier signal, lighter aluminum chassis, true bypass circuitry, and revamped PSU jack. True bypass lets your tone stay pristine even when the pedal is off.

Brand: DigiTech

Color: Blue


  • Adjustable Carrier Signal
  • True bypass
  • Lighter aluminum chassis

Publisher: Digitech

Details: The DOD Gonkulator offers independent Gain, Distortion, Output, Frequency and Ring controls. It features true bypass circuitry, an updated PSU jack and vintage-style aluminum chassis. True bypass allows your tone to remain pristine even when the DOD Gonkulator is off. This is a big difference from the original, which would color your bypassed tone and the modern 9V DC power supply input makes the pedal more pedalboard friendly

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  1. Dwight

    If you’re a fan of weird sounds, check this out!


  2. Almond

    You can coax some unique tones out of this pedal, but it’s nothing special compared to other boutique pedals you can find in the market today.