Fairfield Circuitry The Barbershop

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Fairfield Circuitry

Underneath the Barbershop Millenium Edition’s utilitarian design and simple three-knob interface, there lurks a grit-heavy overdrive that’ll make you swoon. Simple controls make this stomp quick to set and easy to use. Drive controls input gain, Volume controls output gain, and Sag lets you control how much voltage it sends to your amp. Use the Barbershop to enhance or quickly grit up a clean amp channel or push an already-dirty channel into harmonically-rich saturation levels.

Brand: Fairfield Circuitry

Color: Silver


  • True bypass
  • Sag, tone, drive, volume controls
  • Current draw: 5mA

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Fairfield Circuitry The Barbershop Overdrive (New) Have you ever sat in a barber’s chair wishing your tone was as slick as your freshly shaved upper lip? With the Barbershop Overdrive on your pedalboard, you could keep your moustacheand sound good doing it.

The Barbershop is an original design, not a clone.

Raw, gritty, warm, smooth, open and transparent are all terms that have been used to describe this overdrive. It sounds great with any setup, but truly shines when used to dirty up a tube amp. Fairfield Circuitry The Barbershop Overdrive (New) Features: New smaller enclosure. New tone cut switch, can roll of the high end in gentle and extreme settings (or off). Optimized sag and drive range Raw, gritty, warm, smooth, open and transparent are all terms that have been used to describe this overdrive

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  1. Jonas

    Barbershop is a great overdrive. And unlike most effects, it’s not a modified version of anything out there. It sounds marvelous and super versatile. No mid-range hump like the Tube Screamer or its clones.