Fuzzrocious Heliotropic

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The Fuzzrocious Heliotropic delivers a sludgy, grimy distortion which darkens your sound, making it perfect for endless sonic experimentation and heavier playing styles. Controls for Tone, Volume, Sustain, and Pregain help sculpt the doomy mood of the Heliotropic. The Heliotropic also comes in a classy aesthetic, with gold-colored knobs and hand-painted artwork. It features an extremely dirty sound, offering gritty tones that will delight heavy, experimental sound enthusiasts. The Heliotropic is hand-painted and handcrafted in New Jersey.

Brand: Fuzzrocious


The Heliotropic by Fuzzrocious Pedals provides sludgy, grimy distortion that darkens your sound, making it ideal for heavier playing styles and general sonic experimentation. Controls for Pregain, Sustain, Volume, and Tone help shape the Heliotropic’s doomy atmosphere. The Heliotropic also boasts a classy aesthetic, with hand-painted artwork and gold-colored knobs. This fuzz has a downright dirty sound, providing otherworldly, gritty tones that will please any fan of heavy, experimental sounds.

-Dark distortion perfect for heavier playing styles
-Controls for Pregain, Sustain, Volume, and Tone
-Unique look featuring gold-colored knobs
-Handmade and hand-painted in New Jersey, USA

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  1. Taurus

    First things first, the build quality of this one is top-notch. The chassis is sturdy and durable enough to last for years and years. In terms of versatility, it’s also excellent and works best for retro tones and metal alike.