Fuzzrocious Grey Stache Civil War Era Muff

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The Grey Stache by Fuzzrocious is an all-out fuzz monster faithfully simulating the sound of vintage civil war era muffs. It produces low-end, dark tone, allowing its profound, bassy sound to surround your instrument. Thanks to its excellent low-frequency response, the Grey Stache works perfectly with basses and guitars. Controls for Sustain, Mids, Tone, and Volume provide you with a complete reign over its sound. An LED indicator tells you if the pedal is on or off.

Brand: Fuzzrocious


The Grey Stache is an all-out fuzz behemoth that faithfully recreates the sound of classic civil war era muffs. Low-end, dark tone seeps out of the hand-painted walls of the Grey Stache, letting its profound, bassy sound fully envelop your instrument. Due to its exceptional low-frequency response, the Grey Stache works fantastically with guitars as well as basses! Controls for Volume, Tone, Mids, and Sustain give you full reign over the Grey Stache’s sound, and a convenient LED indicator lets you know when the pedal is on/off. With its incredibly bassy, hard-hitting tone, authentic civil war era muff comes to life through the Grey Stache from Fuzzrocious Pedals.

-Faithfully-recreated civil war era muff tone
-Volume, Tone, Mids, and Sustain controls
-LED on/off indicator
-Guitar and bass friendly
-Handmade and hand-painted in New Jersey, USA

EAN: 4560440833317

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