Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver

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The Jet Driver from Ibanez creates a distinctive sound evocative of a high-quality, handmade effects pedal. It boasts a broad selection of drive control options. The Jet Driver carries Tone, Mid, Volume, and Drive knobs. The Mid knob is capable of creating a massive range of sounds from British heavy metal to American hard rock. The Jet Driver features true bypass switching, organic sound, large amounts of output volume, and is suitable for driving tube amps.

Brand: Ibanez

Color: Orange


  • Wide range of tones, from smooth overdrive to amp-like distortion
  • Organic sound and true-bypass switching
  • Massive amounts of output volume
  • Ideal for pushing tube amps

Release Date: 18-08-2014

Details: Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Which is why, in a world of dizzying often over-complex technology, the durable, dependable, and simple stomp box continues to be the most widely used and effective means to expand, color, distort, mutate, sustain, and twist tone. The Ibanez JD9 produces a unique sound reminiscent of a high-grade, handcrafted effects pedal. From piercing distortion to the warm crunch of a tube amp, this pedal features a wide variety of drive control options. The mid control is capable of producing a vast range of sounds from American hard rock to British heavy metal. The pedal is also designed with True Bypass to keep changes in sound when the pedal is off to a minimum. Features: Level, Drive, Tone, Mid Controls Mid Control (750Hz) True Bypass Switching High Intensity LED Input impedance 500K ohms Output impedance 10K ohms Maximum Gain + 50 dB Equivalent Input Noise ?100 dBm (IHF-A) Power Supply One 9 Volt Battery or external AC adaptor (9V) Size 4.9(D) × 3(W) × 2(H)inch Weight 1.3 lbs.

UPC: 606559692309

EAN: 4515110714656

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  1. Dan B.

    Jet Driver beats the TS-9 in terms of inherent low-end content, mid control, maximum gain, and available volume. It also pairs well with my Fender HRD.

    Dan B.