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While incredibly versatile and powerful, the Alpine by JHS Pedals maintains ease of use and simplicity, providing you with beautiful reflections and rich overtones that you can easily dial in. It carries Length, Depth, Shift, Highs, and Reverb knobs that give you plenty of tweakability. You can use its Shift function to change between two distinct reverb settings. An EFX Loop Jack allows you to inject other effects into your reverb signal. The buffered bypass reinstates lost signal in your rig for a favorable sound.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: White


  • Reverb, Highs, Depth, and Length knobs provide you with tons of tweakability
  • EFX Loop Jack lets you insert other effects into your reverb signal
  • Buffered bypass restores lost signal in your rig for optimal sound
  • Trails lets your reverb signal gradually trail off instead of cutting off abruptly
  • Made in the USA!

Details: The heart of the JHS Alpine’s design is the idea that you can have a reverb pedal that is straight forward, easy to use, but also extremely powerful in its functions all while still very approachable without requiring a degree in computer engineering to dial in a great sound.The JHS Alpine features two footswitches. The left footswitch turns the pedal On/Off and the right footswitch is the Shift footswitch. The knob controls start with the Reverb control. The Reverb control is essentially a wet/dry mix knob that lets you set the perfect balance and feel to how saturated the effect feels. The Highs control functions like a high-pass filter. Highs roll off and let you darken or brighten the overall effect when its engaged. The Highs control plays a big part in the actual feel of the reverb, how it decays, and how it reacts in your overall rig. For example a setting that may feel over-the-top or a bit wild can be tamed into a very usable and more subtle texture simply by rolling back the Highs control. This also works in the opposite way as a simple room/slap sound can be brightened into a more dramatic sound. The Depth control adjusts the size or space of the reverb. Think of the Depth control as a knob that lets you change the depth of the canyon you are playing guitar in. The Length control adjusts the tails/decay time of the overall reverb. At low Length settings you feel like you’re in a bathroom, at full tilt you feel like you’re in a space cave that transcends human perception.The Shift knob is possibly the most useful of them all as it basically allows two settings on the fly. When you engage the shift’ footswitch on the right you also engage the Shift knob that is a second Reverb control. This lets you set the standard Reverb control to one setting and the Shift to another for on the fly adjustment between two preset sounds.You will find the JHS Alpine has two top-mounted 1/4 Input/Output jacks like most ped

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  1. Roda

    Plenty of versatility from a seemingly simple stompbox. It’s like a cross between a hall and spring reverb. It sounds is warm and authentic. I’d definitely recommend getting this if you have money to spare.