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Developed as a collaborative work between JHS Pedals and Andy Timmons, the AT is Andy’s signature pedal, modifying and adding to his favorite Angry Charlie pedal. Four controls for Drive, EQ, Volume, and Air, which serves as a low-pass filter, allow you control of your signal. A three-way toggle handles headroom, letting you select between 25w, 50w, and 100w modes. The AT is a good start if you fancy some vintage British tones like those of the Marshall JCM800.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: Red


  • Volume acts as the master output control
  • EQ is a low pass filter that removes higher frequencies
  • Air control functions much like the presence control on an amplifier’s power section
  • Instant access to three different “wattage” settings
  • Can safely run at 18 or 9 volts

Publisher: JHS

Details: After purchasing his first JHS Angry Charlie in 2013, Andy Timmons quickly dubbed it his main dirty tone. It even beat out the drive channel of the boutique amplifiers he’s well known for using. But there were a couple of tweaks Timmons requested from the pedal. We gladly obliged, and the JHS Pedals AT (Andy Timmons Signature) Drive, a.k.a. “The @,” was born. The AT retains a lot of what Timmons loves so much about the Angry Charlie. But the ability to change the pedal’s feel and headroom via a 3-way toggle switch makes the AT even more versatile. If you covet the thick and awe-inducing Andy Timmons lead tone, his signature JHS overdrive pedal is definitely where it’s “AT.“ Sorry…we had to.

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  1. Ali Childs

    Amazing overdrive pedal with plenty of awesome and useful sounding effects

    Ali Childs