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The AT+ by JHS Pedals gives you soaring distortion and overdrive with several options to design your tone. It includes a Volume knob that provides you with lots of headroom to explore and EQ that functions as a conventional dark/bright tone control. The Drive control features an extensive range from high gain blues to intense distortion. A foot-switchable Boost generates another channel and gain stage for the pedal. The AT+ also carries a three-way toggle that lets you experience various wattage amps.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: Red


  • This pedal offers soaring overdrive and distortion with plenty of options to craft your tone
  • The Volume control gives you plenty of headroom to play with
  • The Drive control has a wide range from high gain blues to thunderous distortion
  • The EQ works as a standard bright/dark tone control
  • The Air control rolls in top end like a presence control for just the right amount of brightness for articulation and clarity
  • The three-way toggle gives you the feel of different wattage amplifiers
  • The AT+ has an independent foot-switchable Boost, essentially creating a second channel and gain stage for the pedal

Publisher: JHS

Details: In 2016 we brought you the AT, Andy Timmons artist signature pedal and we’re really proud to bring you the next iteration of this phenomenal stomp box, The AT+. The JHS Pedals AT is Andy Timmons signature overdrive pedal that gives Andy his unmistakable lead and rhythm tone. Upon purchasing a JHS Angry Charlie in 2013, Andy began using it as his primary tone and soon after got in touch with Josh Scott about modifying it for his needs. Through going back and forth and tailoring it to Andy’s tastes, the “@“ was born and eventually released into production in 2016. This pedal gives you all the soaring overdrive and distortion that you hear from Andy with plenty of options to craft your tone with your rig. So pay Attention and we’ll see what makes the AT rock.

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