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The JF-329 Iron Loop holds the distinction of quite possibly being the smallest looper pedal to ever hit the market. Size isn’t everything, though, and on the looping functionality front, the JF-329 Ironman performs admirably. It can record loops up to 20 minutes in length, is dead simple to use, and even has a LED display that indicates loop length and position. This Ironman line pedal is small enough to fit in your front pocket and features a flip cover for keeping your control dial settings safe.

Brand: Joyo Audio

Color: Red


  • True Bypass
  • 20 Minute Maximum Recording Time

Details: The JOYO JF-329 Iron Loop is possibly the smallest Looper on the market today. But don’t let its small stature fool you; it is easily one of the best loopers available by comparison on price and feature set. It comes with all the standard features that other ‘mini’ loopers have. You can record, overdub and undo and redo your recordings with the Iron Loop, from a few seconds to 20 mins, unlimited layering will keep you noodling for hours! However what sets the Iron Loop apart from its competitors is the display screen. Once a loop has been recorded a ring of LED’s light up and shows you the length of the loop you have recorded. It then counts down to the beginning of your loop again. This makes it extremely easy to see where you are up to in the loop, making it great when you are overdubbing and arent 100% sure where you’re up to. One glance down and you know immediately how long you have left thanks to the circle of LED’s. This is a great help to everyone from looping pros to people just learning how to use a looper or people who are still mastering their timing. The ‘Level’ control lets you determine how loud the loop is that has been recorded. It won’t have any effect on the volume of your guitar, just what has already been recorded on it so you can choose to have your loop louder than your guitar, quieter than your guitar or the same volume. If you want to lay down a rhythm track & practice your solos over it then set the Looper slightly quieter than you’re guitar. If you want to practice a secondary/harmonised part then set the looper at the same level as your guitar so you can hear them both equally. If you need to practice a tricky rhythm part or an awkwardly timed solo where you need to hear the rhythm really well for context then set the looper slightly louder than your guitar.

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  1. Harry

    Solidly built and good as advertised. However, I didn’t like the sound quality, and the loop distorts easily.