Joyo JF-11

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The JF-11 6-Band EQ guitar effects pedal is a true workhorse when it comes to tone shaping. Make your highs stand out with more harmonic articulation, keep muddy mids from getting lost in the mix, or boost lows for additional bottom-end chunk. Its six EQ sliders each provide up to 18dB of boost or cut, plus each slider has its own LED indicator to make them easier to adjust while you’re on a dark stage.

Brand: Joyo

Color: Black


  • 6-BAND Equalizer Guitar Effect Pedal
  • True Bypass design

Publisher: Joyo Audio

Details: EQ pedals are a really underappreciated way to shape your guitar signal. Highs can be boosted for more articulation in overdrive. Mids frequencies can be boosted to stand out in the mix. Lows can be cut to make things less muddy. It’s really endless the amount of tone shaping that can be done, as EQing effects all the other added effects in a chain. The Joyo 6 Band EQ pedal provides a range of 18dB to help you find your favorite tone. Includes the frequency bands: 100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1.6MHz and 3.2MHz.

UPC: 609224910487

EAN: 521081196425

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  1. Brie

    Reasonably priced, relatively quieter and more transparent than my more expensive Boss EQ.