Amptweaker Curveball Jr

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The Amptweaker Curveball Jr 3-Band EQ boasts dual Boost functions and can be utilized as a clean channel preamp. The Curveball Jr is a convenient but potent tool for tweaking your pedalboard, boosting your amp, or shaping your tone. This 3-band active EQ is flat when set halfway and can emulate different classic passive guitar amp EQs. The Mid switch allows you to select the mid frequency for Thrash, UK, or US style of midrange. You can use the Curveball in front of distortion to increase the gain while tailoring the thickness and attack of your distortion.

Brand: Amptweaker


  • Low, Mid High active EQ, flat when straight up
  • Fat/Normal/Tight switch to adjust the guitar’s attack.
  • US/UK/Thrash Mid switch sets the mid frequency to standard passive EQ spots
  • Crank the Mid for parked Wah sounds
  • Runs on 9V to 18V batteries or supplies-9V sounds heavier, more compression, while 18V is more open and less distorted.

Details: The Curveball is a 3 band EQ with dual Boost functions and can even be used as a clean channel preamp. Product ideas we’ve received for EQ have ranged from graphic EQ’s, to fully adjustable parametric EQ’s and all points in between. The Curveball sets up various EQ curves using a simple to understand 3 band active EQ, so it’s flat when set straight up. The all important Mid frequency is selectable using the Mid switch, to easily simulate 3 band passive EQs from classic US amplifiers, UK amplifiers, and the Thrash EQ setting puts the middle right in the sweet spot for metal. The Mid knob also boosts in a peaky way through that same frequency range, making this a great way to dial in great parked wah tones by boosting it. It’s also easy to boost some mids when changing to a second guitar that is hollow and hard to match up to your rig. The Curveball can be used in front of distortion to add more gain while tailoring the attack and thickness of the distortion, and Amptweaker’s Tight switch helps dial that in with the Fat-Normal-Tight settings. The Low knob boosts in a shelving way, but cuts more like a Tight control so you can further optimize the attack. The High EQ also boosts in a shelving way, but rolls off highs more like a guitar tone control. This provides the most flexibility in tweaking your front end boost.

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  1. Troy

    Simple to use, but very powerful tone-sculpting tool.