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Running two amps is an accepted way of capturing bigger tones in the studio and on stage. No matter if it is changing between two amps for their characteristics or employing them simultaneously for vast walls of sounds, professionals have been using this setup for years. The Amp Detonator by Orange is arguably the tiniest active, wholly functional, buffered ABY pedal available. The transformer output was painstakingly engineered to become as transparent as possible, while the two outputs are buffered with a low-noise, linear circuit. Drive lengthy cable to your amplifiers without clarity loss and change quietly between them.

Brand: Orange Amps

Color: Black


  • Buffered isolated inputs for maintaining upper frequencies in particular when using long cable runs
  • Phase correction switch to address out of phase amps.
  • The Amp Detonator is the only active ABY switch that can be powered by a battery, 9V, or 12V power supply.
  • Featuring silent operation, isolated outputs, phase switch, and individual footswitches all in a compact design.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Publisher: Orange

Details: It’s a well-known fact that running two amps is not only enormous fun, but also a time-honored way of achieving bigger tones on stage and in the studio. Whether it’s switching between two different amplifiers for their individual characteristics (rhythm and lead, for example) or using them simultaneously for huge walls of sound, pros have been employing this setup for decades. Achieving this easily, however, has always been a problem for guitar players. Poor quality passive ABY boxes/line selectors load the guitar signal down, degrading the tone and rendering the whole exercise almost pointless. Not to mention ground hum issues caused by non-isolated outputs. On the other hand, active ABY pedals are in short supply and are usually quite cumbersome.

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    Many great features for a reasonable price