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The Marvel Drive from Ramble FX captures the growl and KRRR-ANG of a classic Marshall Plexi amp. It boasts innovative “blended volume” controls which emulate a Plexi amplifier with its inputs patched together. It also incorporates JFET transistors in four different stages, each adding to the distortion and harmonics much like every tube does in an amp. The product is a touch-sensitive dynamics and lush tone. The Marvel Drive features a dual voltage switch allowing you to select from 9 or 18 volts.

Brand: Ramble FX

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Ramble FX Marvel Overdrive Marvel Drive captures the KRRR-ANG and growl of a vintage Marshall plexi amplifier. It features unique “blended volume” controls that simulate a plexi amp with its inputs patched together. Marvel Drive features JFET transistors in four separate stages, each contributing to the harmonics and distortion much like each tube does in an amplifier. The result is rich tone and a touch sensitive dynamics. Marvel Drive also has a dual voltage switch that gives the option of 9 or 18 volts no matter the voltage of the supply. 18V has a boost in output and a sharper attack. Ramble FX Marvel Overdrive Features: Unique dual gain controls simulate a plexi with its inputs patched together. 100% JFET based which responds very much like tubes in an amplifier. Dual voltage switch to choose 9V or 18V no matter the supply voltage. Actual plexi faceplate, just like a plexi amp. Relay-based true bypass switching.

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  1. Gary Respess

    I love this MIAB pedal. My favorite so far. Really like the way the two volume controls change the gain in the pedal. It easily makes a clean amp sound like a Marshall great chugging British tone.

    Gary Respess