Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

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Seymour Duncan

Designed using the revolutionary Bucket Brigade circuitry, the Vapor Trail Analog Delay pedal from Seymour Duncan is capable of delivering authentic vintage tone with clarity, presence, and warmth. It features responsive modulation controls that add movement and shimmer to your tone—with Depth and Rate controls positioned on the top panel for convenient access in live settings. With the Vapor Trail, you get an abundance of brilliant sounds. It also incorporates a TRS insert which can send the wet signal to other pedals or effects, like chorus or flanger.

Brand: Seymour Duncan

Color: Silver


  • Bypass: True bypassPower: Internal 9V battery or external 9V-18V regulated power supply.
  • The Vapor Trail is an analog delay pedal capable of warm, authentic vintage tones, lush modulation and a few extra tricks.
  • Everyone loves the warm, smooth, ambient vibe of a Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) analog delay pedal.
  • The Vapor Trail gives you those classic tones but with a TRS insert jack that lets you process the repeats through additional effects to unlock your creativity and redefine what you can do with analog delay.
  • The Vapor Trail’s natural compression and treble-smoothing characteristics support rather than overpower the dry note… at least until you want to max out the controls to make ray-gun and spaceship noises.

Publisher: Bypass: True bypassPower: Internal 9V battery or external 9V-18V regulated power supply.

Release Date: 23-11-2015

Details: Vapor trail is a true analogy delay pedal designed using the famed Bucket Brigade circuitry to provide authentic vintage tone with clarity, warmth and presence. Responsive modulation controls add shimmer and movement to your tone – with the Rate and Depth controls located on the top panel for easy access in live settings. From slap-back echo, ambient and long liquid delays to rotating speaker and long and liquid delays, Vapor Trail delivers a multitude of brilliant sounds. Vapor Trail also features a TRS insert that can send wet signal to any other pedal or effect, such as a flanger or chorus. You can also use it to separate the wet and dry outputs for stereo or recording setups, or plug in any standard volume pedal, and adjust the amount of wet signal with your foot. To round out the special features on this unit, we’ve made the Delay knob translucent with a cool blue LED that flashes to give you visual feedback on the delay time you have selected – especially handy when you’re playing live on a dimly lit stage! Like all of our pedals, Vapor Trail is designed and assembled at our Santa Barbara, California factory by the same team responsible for our legendary pickups.

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  1. Jim Standley

    I love everything about the Vapor Trail. The build feels superb, the design is stunning, and the sound is nothing short of heavenly. This is my third Seymour Duncan pedal, and I must say all of them have lived up to the brand’s reputation for amazing products with exceptional attention to detail. The pedal is very responsive and easy to adjust. No impact on dry signal nor volume drop. I was able to make it sound exactly as good as the demo video!

    It may seem pricey to low-budget pedal users like me, but by analog delay standards and given what you are getting, the Vapor Trail is actually very reasonably priced. It’s a good deal and worth a try regardless of what kind of music you play.

    Jim Standley