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Stone Deaf

The Syncopy analog delay pedal serves as your perfect sonic center, in which echoes of the past meet and blend nicely with modern technology. With a pure analog modulation section and one full second of beautiful and textural analog delay, paired with the bonus benefit of advanced digital control, the Syncopy lets you craft, save, control, and recall multiple delay tones on the fly. It is capable of anything from long, lush modulated echoes to short classic delays to unearthly special fx. It delivers the dead-on control needed by modern musicians.

Brand: Stone Deaf

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Stone Deaf Syncopy Analog Delay The Syncopy is an analogue delay with 500mS of delay. What it lacks in delay length it more than makes up for in playability, versatility and high audio quality and this is because we use high quality analogue chips and very clever filtering to give you nice lush, crystal clear delay tones. We use true bypass relay switching to reduce switching noise, quality burr brown op amps. In addition to this it is Midi enabled which far an expands its playability and control functionality. Many features in a small footprint.
Control Feedback, Time, and Mix mod individually or simultaneously using any standard expression pedal. If your an analog purist then you will love our true analog BBD chips to give you that true analog warmth and texture.
Bend some time with our time-bending modulation from subtle chorus to whaked out de-tune oscillations and while doing this, tap to your hearts content like Fred Astaire to syncopate rhythm patterns over your playing and tempo.

Compared to our competitors you have a fully analogue delay, in a small footprint with digital controlled recallable banks of saved analog delay lines with 4 built-in user assignable pre-sets. Stone Deaf Syncopy Analog Delay Features: Expression Input, assignable to Feedback, Time and Mix Mod controls (Allows you to assign different delay times, modulations and feedbacks to your own custom delay lines) 4 on pedal pre-sets with expandability to multiple banks via midi input (recall user defined pre-sets from directly in the pedal or expand to multiple banks using standard midi

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  1. Tiny

    Distinctive and beautiful-sounding analog delay. It has plenty of options to choose from. You can use it as a delay or chorus. The presets are also very handy.