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The Jan Ray overdrive from boutique guitar effects pedal maker Vemuram delivers truly transparent overdrive, an ultra clean boost, and sweet singing sustain minus any stray sonic artifacts and unwanted compression. The Jan Ray lets you juice up your guitar signal with everything from subtle tube amp drive to Blackface-level breakup tones without changing its core tonal characteristics. Sculpt your tone with the dedicated Gain, Bass, and Treble pots and dial in the saturation via a small trimpot.

Brand: Vemuram


  • Natural overdrive with a pleasant silky sustain.
  • Keeps the characteristics of the tones that the guitar naturally produces.
  • Reproduces the great sustaining punchy clear tone of the blackface Fender amps.
  • The tone is crispy yet the low end is warm and mellow.
  • Handmade in Japan.

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Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive The Fender Magic 6 sound! An easy to handle overdrive with great sustain without any unnatural compression. It keeps the characteristics of the tones that the guitars naturally produce. The Jan Ray reproduces that great sustaining punchy clear tones of the blackface Fender amps from the 60’s. The tone is crispy yet the low is warm and mellow. Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive Features: Controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, Saturation trimmer Switches: ON/OFF Terminal: Input, Output Power: 006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter Size: 70(W)x112(D)x50(H)mm Weight: 428g

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  1. Mario

    Vemuram Jan Ray is a very expensive Paul Cochrane Timmy clone, but you’ll get what you pay for. Sounds way better and has an excellent mid-gain drive. It’s the best overdrive I’ve had since the iconic Klon Centaur.