Amptweaker BluesFuzz JR

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With the fame of its smaller footprint JR series, Amptweaker has included guitar and bass versions of its Fuzz pedals, launching the BluesFuzz JR. These pedals boast most of the tone-tweaking features found on their bigger counterparts, while eradicating battery switches, lit controls, effects loops, and boost features that are unnecessary to some players to shrink the size and weight. The BluesFuzz JR Effects Pedal contains Fuzz, Tone, and Volume control, which automatically changes bias for more exquisite clean tones. Its Fat/Normal/Tight switch lets you adjust your guitar’s attack.

Brand: Amptweaker

Color: Tan


  • Tone, Volume & Fuzz control that automatically adjusts bias for better clean toness
  • Fat/Normal/Tight switch to adjust the guitar’s attack.
  • Boost Switch on BluesFuzz models
  • Mid EQ on BluesFuzz models
  • Dry Low knob on bass versions adds dry lowend to blend with distortion

Details: Derived from Amptweaker’s Pro series, the Tight control and Fat switches were re-configured into a 3-position Fat/Normal/Tight switch to dial in the attack of the notes from thick and heavy to aggressive and chunky. On the TightFuzz models, an EQ switch provides 60’s, 70’s, or ‘Now’ tones, and there’s also a Germanium/Silicon switch to change the output transistor for warmer or brighter/high gain distortion. The same automatically adjusted bias on the Fuzz controls keeps the sweet spot at hand, and is especially nice for cleaner tones. And of course the popular Dry Low control is included on the Bass TightFuzz JR. These pedals share most of the tone-tweaking features available on their larger counterparts, while eliminating effects loops, lit controls, battery switches and boost features that some players dont need in order to shrink down the size and weight.

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  1. Lewis

    Great value for money. In a fairly compact pedal, you get plenty of gain and a wide range of classic blues and rock tones.