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The CNZ Audio EQ Guitar Effects Pedal delivers seamless tone Equalizer control for your stage or bedroom jam session. This powerful device lets you manage your lows, mids, and highs without compromising your guitar’s natural sound. The Clear Volume knob gives control of the pedal’s output with your preferred EQ settings. This EQ pedal boasts five adjustable frequencies (100, 250, 630, 1.6K, and 4K HZ), making it convenient to use and extremely effective. The tone that comes out from this EQ pedal is 100% up to you.

Brand: CNZ Audio


  • The EQ Guitar Effects Pedal from CNZ Audio provides you easy tone Equalizer control for your bedroom jam session and the stage alike. This is a solid device that allows you to manage your highs, mids and lows without sacrificing the natural sound of your guitar.
  • The Clear Volume knob with a brilliant green LED shining through is located at the top of the pedal and simply provides control of the pedal’s output with your customized EQ settings.
  • This EQ pedal comes with 5 different customizable frequencies starting from low to high, there is 100, 250, 630, 1.6k, and 4k HZ. Having this range of adjustable frequencies makes this pedal very effective and easy to use. The 5 slider knobs are thin and easy to control. This makes it easy to change one frequency without moving another.
  • Each frequency adjustment slider can adjust from +18 dB on the top end to -18 dB on the low end.
  • True Bypass gives you a transparent output when the pedal is off, allowing the natural tone of your guitar and amp to flow through. Inspire Your Music with CNZ Audio!


Look & Feel

The EQ Pedal from CNZ Audio has a solid metal body and the knob and faders are weighted for easy use. The volume knob lights up as bright green when turned on, and the faders are extra thin to be sure you don’t bump into another fader when adjusting. The body has a very dynamic red dot graphic design that looks super cool! While it has a solid build, its mini size also allows it to be lightweight, easy to travel with, and leaves plenty of room on your pedalboard. The bottom of the pedal has a thick rubber pad to keep it still on any surface.

Amazing Tone

The tone that comes out from this pedal is 100% up to the user because it is an EQ pedal. Turn up highs and lows with no mids or make up a new sound that hasn’t been heard before! The True Bypass feature keeps the natural tone of your guitar when switched off.

For Advanced Players & Beginners Alike

This pedal is great for every level of user because of the simplicity of the faders and it’s custom choices. Even after using this pedal for just a little while, it will be easy to find a great sound that compliments your tone! Inspire Your Music!

Standard 9VDC (- center, + outside) power supply required, but sold separately*

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  1. Rory

    As with my other CNZ pedals, I’m happy with its quality and performance. Five EQ bands are a lot. I was able to add more clarity to my tone, plus the inclusion of a volume dial makes it more versatile.