Amptweaker Pressurizer

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The Amptweaker PressuRizer compressor is a powerful clean tone tweaker that provides sustain without compression. This mini pedal contains several switches and knobs, including Limit, Bloom, and Boost, all designed to provide you control over dry/wet blending, boost, as well as side-chain compression options. The PressuRizer boasts a 2-Step footswitch. Pressing and holding the switch locks the compressor on, while tapping it kicks in another boost knob, giving you a one-two punch with one button pedal.

Brand: Amptweaker

Color: Gold


  • Sustain, Tone, Master Volume controls
  • Tone boosts highs or cuts mids of the compression
  • Bloom switch sets compression swell to Fast/Off/Slow
  • Wet/Dry Blend control to help preserve attack
  • FET output Limiter/booster with Soft/Off/Hard settings

Details: Sustain without compression – a common suggestion Amptweaker receives that means “don’t mess with my attack.” The Amptweaker PressuRizer compressor accomplishes this in several unique ways, and includes a built-in output FET limiter/booster, making this a powerful clean tone tweaker. Using parallel studio-grade compression with wet/dry blend, and some unusual side-chain variations, it varies from smooth compression that limits the initial ‘whack’ to a dry-blended approach that adds compression after a short delay. The PressuRizer is designed to work for both guitar and bass. The Bloom switch (Fast/Off/Slow) rewires the side-chain detector so the signal compresses and then grows – when blended with dry, the result sounds normal at first, and then blooms like a great Les Paul. The Tone only affects the compressed signal and boosts highs to cut through, or cuts midrange to help match the ‘blooming’ tone to the dry. The Limiter switch adds a FET booster after the blend, and can be set Soft for barely limiting, Hard for a slightly broken-up sound, or Off for no limiting. This FET limiter has a very rounded breakup, similar to output tubes. Since many always leave their compressor on, the PressuRizer has a cool 2-Step footswitch – normally it’s a true bypass on/off switch, but if you press & hold the switch, it locks the compressor on, and then tapping kicks in another boost knob on the side of the pedal. So you can get a 1-2 punch with a single button pedal! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO00wRBycow

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  1. Dani

    Excellent compressor. Gets you a nice sustain without completely squashing your signal.


  2. William

    Yields a clean and natural compression. And unlike other compressors, it doesn’t get squashy. Instead, it enhances the overall tone and signal and makes it firmer. You can also use it as an always-on pedal.