Animals Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun

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Animals Pedal’s Vintage Van Overdrive/Boost Pedal is an extremely versatile stompbox that you can use for a quick, clean boost or add some medium-gain overdrive dirt to your sound with a single flick of a toggle switch. Under the OD mode, you can make even an amp at moderate levels sound like its tubes are being driven to the max, while in Boost mode you can use it to give your digital or tube amp a rich, full push. The Vintage Van Overdrive/Boost Pedal features artwork by Jonas Claesson and comes with true-bypass switching.

Brand: Animals Pedal


  • Delivers an array of tone-enriching sounds, ranging from clean boost to medium gain dirt.

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Animals Pedal Vintage Van Overdrive To make the guitar tone more brilliant. That’s why players continue to ask overdrive and continue their quest. Vintage Van Driving Is Very Fun is an overdrive pedal that can raise the potential of guitar sound even higher. Make a jacky texture with a single coil, comfortable with a humbucker a sharp attack. It is exactly a good overdrive. Playing with a “good sound” with a presence is more important than anything. Have you experienced nature and new phrases overflowing when you play the guitar with a good sound? Also, if the sound is good, there is no unnecessary power entering the play, have you ever had a better stage than before? If you are playing the guitar happily, it will be transmitted to the audience and furthermore the play will be exciting. Playing with good sound is all a lubricant that produces a virtuous circle. That is why there is no end to a journey that seeks good sound and continues to

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  1. Fred

    Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun produces a very warm overdrive sound. In terms of controls, the knobs, as well as the boost/OD toggle, are simple yet useful. Overall, it’s a beautiful-sounding overdrive that doubles as a boost.