Barber Gain Changer SR

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With a flick of a toggle, you can turn the Barber Gain Changer SR Olive Grey Overdrive from a low-gain overdrive pedal to a screaming harmonic distortion reminiscent of Barber’s unLimiTeD distortion pedal. You can also cycle through three different EQ modes: flat, fat, and a third voicing that fattens up a flat-EQ sound. Barber Gain Changer SR Olive Grey Overdrive is a truly versatile and harmonic beast of an overdrive pedal with true-bypass switching.

Brand: Barber Electronics

Color: Green


  • Current draw 12mA
  • Single button operation
  • Volume, Tone, and Gain controls
  • True Bypass

Details: The new Gain Changer SR model improves warmth, clarity and note separation.  Measuring only 2.3 inches wide, the NEW Barber Gain-Changer SR harnesses a vast spectrum of EQ and gain. Flick the toggle one way and you have sweet very low-gain overdrive, flick it the other way and you get wildly charged harmonic content of the much praised unLimiTeD distortion. Pop over to the other toggle-switch and you can volley between the flat sweet-EQ of the LTD SR , the vintage snarling-fat-EQ of their classic LTD v2 or a new voice that combines flat EQ with a little added fatness. Combine all these different options together and you have a super-versatile harmonic beast. Barber’s goal was to shrink the size of their pedals and retain all the ultra-high quality electronics and build quality that they are world famous for. In the end, its almost impossible to miss the target if you are shopping for a new overdrive for your rig.  The Gain-Changer SR has real honest solder lugs for jacks, True-bypass footswitch, toggles and pots.

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  1. R. Purcell

    Gain Changer SR is hands down the most flexible overdrive I’ve tried. That’s credits to the switching options and wide-ranging tone dial. I tried every setting, and it sounded marvelous.

    R. Purcell