Big Joe R-408 Phaser

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Big Joe

Whether you’re looking for super subtle modulation or balls-to-the-wall crazy phased tones, the Big Joe R-408 Phaser is the guitar effects pedal for you. This vintage analog phase monster comes fully loaded with classic phaser tones but remains easy to use. Use the Speed dial to set the phaser rate, the Depth knob to set the intensity, the Feedback control to set the amount of signal that gets fed back to the phaser, and then top it all off by mixing your wet and dry signals with the Mix knob.

Brand: Big Joe Stomp Box Company

Details: Big Joe Stomp Box Company R-408 Phaser 9v-18v Buttery smooth vintage analog sound with variable mix control. Ultra-warm, with full range response this little gem adds shimmer to lead licks or swooshing resonance to muted strumming.. Variable feedback control adjusts from classic phase signature to an almost Wah Wah like effect. Vary the speed from a subtle, long cycle to a Leslie like swirl. This is a highly versatile, classic analog tone box. Big Joe Stomp Box Company R-408 Phaser Features: Speed Depth Feedback and Mix controls True bypass footswitch

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  1. Antonio

    Most natural-sounding phaser I’ve used. However, the button design is so bad. It’s very stiff when engaging and makes a loud click. Nevertheless, it’s not a deal-breaker for me because it sounds fantastic.