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The Phaser pedal from CNZ Audio delivers exceptional note bending and sound wave shifting effects to give your music depth and warmth with the likelihood of intense Phaser Effects. From wet to dry tones, you can add a massive range of modulation effects to your desired music. This user-friendly pedal comes with a cute space laser beam design. It enables beginners to tweak and tune their settings to provide a different feeling to their music, making them feel like a rock star.

Brand: CNZ Audio


  • The CNZ Audio Phaser Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal provides excellent note bending and sound wave shifting effects to add warmth and depth to your music with the possibility of extreme Phaser Effects.
  • The toggle switch at the top allows you to switch between 2 distinct sounds with the Phaser. The Vintage option gives a 80’s vibe while the Modern option has a warm, underlying sound. With either choice, the dynamic effects from this pedal are amazing!
  • Adjust the speed of the Phaser modulation with the speed dial in the center. The Phaser is definitely on the slower side of modulation but can easily be quickened by turning clockwise. This effect adds some great fill to your sound. Inspire Your Music!


Look & Feel

As is expected from CNZ Audio, the Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal has a solid metal feel and the aluminum knobs and switches are weighted nicely for easy turning. The pedal also comes with a cool space laser beam design, much like phaser. While it has a solid build, its mini size also allows it to be lightweight, easy to travel with, and leaves plenty of room on your pedalboard. The bottom of the pedal has a thick rubber pad to keep it still on any surface.


Amazing Tone

This pedal perfectly complements the tone of your guitar and adds a great bonus with it’s phaser effects. From dry to wet tones, you can add a broad range of modulation effects to your favorite music. This pedal is easy to use and very effective when creating a phaser sound. Because of the speed and toggle switch changes, it’s easy to use but can also create great effects for advanced players. Beginners can tweak and tune your settings to discover a new feel to your music and make you feel like a Rock Star! Inspire Your Music with CNZ Audio!

Standard 9VDC (- center, + outside) power supply required, but sold separately*

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  1. Aries

    Straightforward layout, inexpensive, and warm-sounding. Great job CNZ 👍


  2. Aldo

    I have mixed emotions about this one. It works well as a phaser but adds too much dirt and breakup to my clean sound.