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Black Cat

The Wee Buzz is a more compact and affordable variant of the Bee Buzz and is based on the original Roland Bee Baa as well. The Wee Buzz is designed for players who want a little fuzz minus all the fancy features. It employs the similar circuity used by its big brother Buzz but comes in a more pedalboard-friendly package. Closely resembling other Black Cat pedals, the Wee Buzz carries only the basic features and is pure fuzz. It does not include a control to dial in the fuzz as it is handcrafted to be maxed out always.

Brand: Black Cat Pedals


  • Based on original Roland Bee Baa design
  • Slightly more gain than the Bee Buzz
  • Metal film resistors and audio grade capacitors
  • 3PDT true-bypass switches and Switchcraft jacks
  • Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA

Publisher: Black Cat

Details: The Black Cat Wee Buzz is a slimmed down, more affordable version of our Bee Buzz. Both pedals are, of course, based on the original Roland Bee Baa. While the Bee Buzz is still very popular, we wanted to create a pedal for players who just want a little fuzz without all the fancy features… a Wee Buzz! The Black Cat Wee Buzz employs the same circuitry as its big brother Buzz, but comes in a smaller, more “pedalboard-friendly” size. It has only the basic features, and a finish that more closely resembles our other pedals. But the biggest difference between the Wee and the Bee is the absence of the Boost channel… FUZZ! That’s what made the original Roland Bee Baa AF-100 a vintage icon. With its two switchable and distinctly different tone settings, the Bee Baa produced a roaring wall of fuzz that was unmistakably unique. That same fuzz is featured in both the Bee Buzz and Wee Buzz. While the Boost is quite a useful effect (and we worked hard to make ours sound great), it’s not essential for every player, so we made the Wee Buzz without it. That means the Wee Buzz is 100% Pure Fuzz! It doesn’t even have a control to dial in the fuzz because it¹s hardwired to be totally maxed out all the time. Then we took it a step further by using a higher gain transistor in the first gain stage of the Wee Buzz, giving it a bit more of an edge than the big Bee.

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  1. Kent

    Delivers a nice thick and warm fuzz. Build quality is great, plus the pedal is a breeze to control.