Carl Martin Bass Drive

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Carl Martin

The Carl Martin Bass Drive Bass EQ Effect Pedal boasts tweaked EQ and crunch to give a warm “tube” sound to new digital bass rigs and enhance their performance. Achieve that signature John Entwistle tone, round, big and phat with the perfect amount of sustain to position your bass properly within the mix and enable it to “pop” in recording and live situations. Instead of sitting on top, the Drive knob blends with your bass tones evenly and naturally keeps a full bottom-end.

Brand: Carl Martin


  • 12AX7 tube inside
  • Bass, Mid & High Tone Controls
  • AC powered

Release Date: 01-11-2012

Details: The Carl Martin BassDrive features tweaked EQ and crunch to add a warm ‘tube’ sound (real 12AX7 tube inside) to modern digital bass rigs and actually improve their performance. Create that famous John Entwhistle tone, big, round and phat with just the right amount of sustain to place your bass properly in the mix and allow it to ‘pop’ in live and recording situations. The Drive control blends evenly with your bass tones, rather than sitting on top like so many others, and very naturally maintains a full bottom-end. Gain, Bass-Mid-Treble, Level Controls look after your sound, and the regulated and switch-able power supply (115-240V) provides the Bass Drive with tons of headroom.

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  1. Ronald

    Love this pedal! Works as it should, and cranking up the gain yields a really warm all-out distorted bass sound without losing the low end.