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The Tonal Recall will make you forget everything you know about an analog delay. Developed around a pair of reissued MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips, this delay’s distinct analog character is at the forefront together with its velvety tape-like modulation. The Tonal Recall elaborates the classic vintage sounds reminiscent of yesteryear’s analog delays while delivering modern amenities like the ability to save presets, optional bypass with trails, tap tempo, and expression control over any parameter. Each switch and knob is connected to a small digital brain as your guitar signal remains 100% analog and not digitally processed.

Brand: Chasebliss Audio


  • True bypass or buffered bypass with trails.
  • 2 Xvive MN3005 delay chips.
  • SLB (short, long, both) selects between 1 MN3005 (i.e. DM2), 2 MN3005 (i.e DMM), and both for a multi-tap mixed output of the two for more of a washed out / reverby sound.
  • Circuit is tuned for 550ms max delay time (longer delays are possible via trimmer adjustment, but compromises tap tempo accuracy and optimal clock filtering).
  • Sine, triangle, and square wave modulation with independent rate and depth controls. At max depth, madness ensues.

Publisher: Chase Bliss

Details: At its core, the Tonal Recall uses two Xvive 3005 bucket brigade chips, which gives the pedals repeats a warm, decaying quality. The pedals breakup offers something sweet and musical. As for the Tonal Recalls modulation section, the design employs three selectable waveforms (triangle, sine, square). This is perfect for shaping your repeats from a subtle wavering tape echo to stun gun later blasts using the Depth and Rate knobs.

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