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Dr Scientist

Dr. Scientist’s BitQuest is equipped with eight digital effects that work even sans an inbuilt digital fuzz. This innovative pedal has got you covered wherever the future takes you. It is arguably among the most exciting multi-headed beasts within the boutique world. The BitQuest packs Flanger, Infinite Reverb, Bit Crusher, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Ring Mod, Notch Filter, Glitch Delay, and Pitch Shift into a single pedal. A simple interface enables seamless control of each parameter, paving the way to a previously undiscovered sonic territory.

Brand: Dr. Scientist Sounds

Color: Black


  • Flanger
  • High Pass and Low Pass Filters
  • Bit Crusher with Sample Rate Reducer
  • Infinite Reverb
  • Notch Filter

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Dr. Scientist Sounds Bitquest If youre on a quest that takes you far from home, you cant be weighed down. You never know when youll need to duck under a laser cannon, or fight a giant eyeball, and you need to have portable and practical tools to face whatever alternate reality lays in store.Its the same thing with your tone–sometimes it pays to have a compact, digital multi-tool that covers a wide range of tone needs. Enter the BitQuest: Complete with eight digital effects that workwith or without a built in digital fuzz, theBitQuest offers flanger, HP/LP filter, bit crusher, infinite reverb, notch filter, ring mod, pitch shift and glitch delay, all in one pedal. No matter where the future takes you, BitQuest has got you covered. Dr. Scientist Sounds Bitquest Features: Operation: Mono input, mono output Power Requirements: 9VDC @ 75mA, 18VDC @ 150mA, 2.1mm center negative plug Input/Output Impedance: 500k?/1k? Bypass: True bypass using soft touch switch and relay Knobs Mix: Dry signal only at min, Wet signal only at full Vol: Wet signal level Treble: +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz? CTRL0: In Fuzz Mode this is the gain control, in Clean Mode this controls an effect parameter, depends on patch CTRL1: Controls an effect parameter, depends on patch CTRL2: Controls an effect parameter, depends on patch Toggle Switch: Fuzz Mode adds a versatile digital distortion to the effects, Clean Mode takes away the fuzz and adds an extra control parameter. Expression Input: Controls CTRL0, TRS input, 50kO Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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  1. Sydney

    Dr. Scientist Bitquest is one of the best-valued pedals out there. It does a lot, but I’m particularly fond of the fuzz emulation. You can comfortably go overboard and over the top with some of the programs. The only con is that it doesn’t have program memories. Other than that, it’s an interesting pedal.