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EarthQuaker Devices

The Ghost Echo vintage voiced reverb guitar effects pedal, a chimeric cross between analog and digital, is based on classic spring reverb units but is just as capable of dishing out cavernous hall-type reverb effects and rockabilly slapback delays. For its V3 update, EarthQuaker Devices kitted out the Ghost Echo with upgraded low-noise op-amps, twice the reverb signal output compared to the V2, and a recalibrated Dwell control knob that can trigger self-oscillations when cranked to the max.

Brand: Earthquaker Devices

Color: MultiColored


  • Our spooky take on the haunted amp-top spring reverberation units of yesteryear
  • New version sports upgraded op-amps for better performance and lower noise, stronger reverb with 2x output, and recalibrated Dwell control for self-oscillation
  • An analog/digital spring reverb emulation machine that boasts 30ms – 150ms of pre-delay
  • The pre-delay is controllable via the Attack knob, for everything from a quick rockabilly slapback to viscous pools of ectoplasmic reverberations
  • When playing staccato, you’ll hear the tortured trails of the reverb, resulting in more of a slapback or echo sound
  • Legato playing will reveal a massive ambient “depth” that fattens up the sound
  • A true-bypass pedal that uses silent relay-based soft touch switching

Details: Vintage spring reverb emulation capable of providing a little atmosphere all the way through to vast depths in one tiny box. The attack control sets the delay of the initial pick attack on the wet signal only. When playing staccato this registers as a slap back type echo hitting the reverb but when playing fluid lines it adds a massive depth and ‘fattens’ up the sound. The dwell control is a fine tune function that enhances the decay and the depth controls the intensity of the reverb. All analog dry path, true bypass and handmade one at a time in mystical Akron, Ohio.

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  1. Pep

    I hate complicated control interfaces, so Ghost Echo’s straightforward three-knob layout is perfect for me. Effect-wise, it’s not as over the top as the Afterneath, but it’s excellent if you’re looking for a deep, dark reverb.