Emma Electronic Discumbobulator V2

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Emma Electronic

The original EMMA DiscumBOBulator was arguably the world’s best auto-wah, making appearances at the feet of Ida Funkhouser, Richard Fortus, Warren Haynes, and Pino Palladino. When building the revamped version, Emma Electronic has improved the filter-triggering, extended the dynamic range, tripled the headroom signal, and added a 10dB independent boost. The DiscumBOBulator v2 features an extensive range of vintage auto-wah tones and new filter sweeps. It also boasts precise tracking, both on chords and single notes, and a wide frequency spectrum, making it perfect for virtually any instrument.

Brand: Emma Electronic


  • Wide range of old-school auto-wah tones and modern filter sweeps
  • Super-Accurate note tracking – both on single notes as well as chords
  • Simple, intuitive control set
  • Wide frequency spectrum, making it suitable for any instrument
  • 10dB independent boost – perfect for making funky solos pop out of the mix

Details: The original EMMA DiscumBOBulator was often heralded as the world’s best autowah/envelope filter, and has made appearances at the feet of such luminaries as Pino Palladino, Warren Haynes, Richard Fortus and Ida Funkhouser. So how do you improve on a pedal that’s already flawlessly funky? Start out by making the filter-triggering even better, and also extend the dynamic range of the pedal. Then triple the input headroom so it can handle the red hot signals of active bass pickups and line level inputs with equal ease. Finally, add an independent 10dB, foot-switchable boost that’ll make funky solos instantly take flight, and you have the new improved DiscumBOBulator v2. Boasting everything from full-on funk tones & old-school cocked wah sounds all the way thru spacey, synth-like filter sweeps, the DiscumBOBulator v2 is truly the definition of cool!

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  1. Don

    Looks and sounds great