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Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water

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Fairfield Circuitry

Fairfield Circuitry took simulation mathematics—or K-field math—theory and used it to create a stompbox capable of generating familiar but still unique tone modulation effects. The Shallow Water effects pedal creates a short time delay then randomly modulates the delayed signal to give it a sprinkling of unexpected pitch shifts. The Shallow Water might look like some simple aluminum box, but this versatile stomp gives you a wide range of chorus, vibrato, pitch-shifting, and other vintage tape-style effects with which to wash your signal.

Brand: Fairfield Circuitry

Color: Silver


  • Rate, LPG, Damp, Mix, Depth and Volume Control Knobs
  • Single Button Operation
  • LED Indicator Light

Details: Poolside conversations while staring at your own reflection. The depths of which shall never be known, at least not for another couple thousand years. So it goes. Before the reflection, is the experience. Before phenomena, or even noumena, is that which is undefinable. That which has never been heard, that which will never be heard again and that which has always been heard but never listened to. K-field (Simulation mathematics), an undefined, two-dimensional, non-linear field where past and future forces interact at irregular intervals. Shallow Water generates this k-field by randomly modulating a short time delay to create unexpected shifts in pitch. The result is this non cyclical vibrato/chorus/flanger-type thing favouring old tape flavours. The water is shallow on this side of the pool. Do not dive and you will not drown.

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  1. Paco

    If I had to play with only one pedal for the rest of my life, it would be this Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water. It’s an always-on pedal for me. Works great with keyboard and crunches beautifully when driven.