Joyo Roll Boost

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One control knob and one footswitch; the Joyo Roll Boost guitar effects pedal is as simple as it gets. It provides your signal with a substantial, no-nonsense boost of up to 35dB. Use it as a clean boost to help your signal cut through the mix without corrupting its core tonal characteristics. You can also use the Roll Boost to push an amp into breakup levels for warm, natural overdrive. Place it after a high-gain distortion pedal and you can dish out some true metal mayhem. Just make sure to warn your neighbors first.

Brand: Joyo Audio

Color: Yellow


  • True Bypass Wiring
  • Allows an “over-the-top” signal boost
  • Add third and fourth-order harmonics
  • Provides incredible amount of gain

Details: If you have a vintage tube amp and want to get a special sound out of it, look no further. Be careful though, how much gain you add to your signal chain, because you might blow out your speaker with the amount of gain this thing introduces! The true bypass wiring means you won’t hear any signal degradation when the pedal is off, and when you want that extra bite, click this pedal ON and look out!

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  1. Harley

    Great if you’re looking to boost your instrument volume without worsening background noise or coloring the sound.